• Live Recordings
  • Music Arrangements
  • Drums Recording
  • Audio Mixing
  • Making Music
  • Audio Mastering

Services that we offer:

Live Sound RecordingAudio recording studio “DoMinanta” perfectly fits for live recording. That means, if you have your own band playing live music in such structure, for example: drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and vocals – you are most welcome in our studio. We can guarantee that your live recordings will be a huge success.

Making Music it’s a sensitive process which involves a lot of musical skills and techniques. You can make an order to achieve a specific goal. For example, you can order music for a competition, movie, anthem, greetings etc.

Music Arrangements A music arrangement is the second step right after music making. When we have a composition, we need to decide what instruments should be used, how the record should sound in timbre, what should be the rhythmical structure and what format of the composition should be.

Drums and Percussion Recording One of the rare services that we provide at studio “DoMinanta” is the recording of drums and percussion. We have all the equipment and possibilities to record your drums and percussion. Drums and percussion recording is processed in a special zone called “Live Zone” – next to a stone wall that was specially designed for this purpose.

Vocal recording, acoustic and wind instruments recording Our professionals at “DoMinanta” recording studio will be glad to record your vocals. It’s not a problem if you are not a real professional with perfect singing skills or you just want to try yourself out and do a song for fun. The modern technologies give us the ability to achieve a great result anyway. What’s really important is your optimistic approach and desire to sing.

Voice Recording If you need to record a male or female voice for an audio clip (or an ad), then we will be more than happy to help you.

Audio Mixing – Record mixing is the next stage right after the music arrangement. In this process, sound engineers are making the final record out of separate tracks. Record mixing is not only a technical process where separate tracks are connected – it is also a creative task on which depends how the final record will sound.

Audio Mastering After the process of mixing, the next and final process in music record making is audio mastering. The final result of mastering is master copy, from which the record is distributed. Audio mastering (sound design) has three main stages: mounting, coordination and production release.

Audio Ads Maybe you need a catchy instrumental or some musical effects added up to your TV or radio advertisement? We are ready to help you – we’ll give the right advice and make sure that your ad becomes impressive. We can also translate your ads in other languages and successfully adapt it to Lithuanian auditory.

Audio Books Right now it’s very popular to listen to audio books. Recording studio “DoMinanta” will be more than happy to record an audio book or an educational program.

Movie translation, adaptation, sound recording studio “DoMinanta” has a lot of experience in such areas like movie translation, adaptations and sound recording (voiceover). We can translate movies from and into English, Russian, Polish, German, Lithuanian and other languages. The text is edited by linguists and adapted for a specific auditory.

Song Recording for Fun You can record a song by yourself or you can come with your friends – you will be able to sing your song and spend a great time at our studio. This service is ideal for stags and hen-parties; however, it perfectly fits if you want to make an original gift for your relatives and friends.

Audio Restoration If you have an old vinyl and you’d like to hear the music clearly as it was a newly-purchased record, you should definitely ask us for help. We can restore the record’s brilliance and even make the sound better than it was originally.

Studio for Rent We’ll let you use all of our equipment and you will be able to work in our studio however you want. We respect your views, skills and opinions in the area of sound recording, so feel free to contact us if you want to rent an audio recording studio.