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About Us

Audio recording studio “DoMinanta” is a project studio which was constructed by the famous British sound designer Philip Newell’s project. The main advantage of the studio is that the acoustic surroundings (Live Zone and Dead Zone) can be easily changed according to the musical project or the client’s needs.

 The record studio is perfect for live bands, it is also great for musicians playing acoustic instruments and drums – for this purpose, there is a Live Zone with acoustic surroundings. At studio “DoMinanta”, every artist is able to record up to 16 channels at once, while audio mixing is done with the legendary analogue mixer Soundtracs Mr-24-8 or digitally.

 Audio mixing is done in a very high resolution (192 kHz, 24 bit). The tracks are mixed into DSD resolution (Direct Stream Digital, 1-bit/5,6 mHz recording format), from which we can produce the master tape, for example CD master (16bit/44 kHz) DVD Audio (24bit/96kHz) or Super Audio CD (1-bit/2,8224kHz).

 In our studio, engineers’ knowledge and modern equipment is dedicated to fulfill every clients needs and wishes and provide the most comfortable surroundings for every artist to express their selves. Uncompromised record control, the best conditions for musicians to express their selves – these are our main principles, and to add to this, we also offer a reasonable price for such services. High-quality technologies and our specialists’ knowledge enables us to make quality records in a short time. We work with pop, rock, jazz, hip hop, acoustic, alternative, romance, classic and a lot of other genres. We are open-minded and always wait for your ideas and unique projects.

 We’ll be waiting for you in “DoMinanta” recording studio!