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Live Sound Recording

Audio recording studio “DoMinanta” perfectly fits for live sound recording. That means, if you have your own band playing live music in such structure, for example: drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals – you are most welcome in our studio. We can guarantee that your live recordings will be a huge success. The main advantage of this type of recording technique is that all the musicians are playing all at once. If they feel each other and are able to create the best composition atmosphere, then all we need to do is record it into 16 separate tracks (up to 16 tracks once). Live sound recordings are your way to originality and uniqueness.

Gyvo garso įrašai garso įrašų studijoje "Dominanta"

Live Audio Recording in “Dominanta” record studio

Sound recording studio “DoMinanta” is projected by the famous British sound designer’s Philip Newell project. Studio establishment: studio room, controlling room, relaxation room.

The studio room is about 33 square meters long. The room has an environment of neutral acoustics, which could be either totally dead or with a Live zone. For this purpose, we have a wall made out of natural stone. The most important factor is that there are no low frequency resonances, as the walls are constructed in the way that the low frequencies “drown” and don’t come back to the room. The walls have a unique form which lets us get rid of unneeded resonances and other unwanted frequencies. We want to show you an example of how we record a live playing band:

Garso įrašų studijojos "Dominanta" Schema

A scheme of liveband recording

Here is shown a band of five members that can record their music while making use of exclusive acoustic properties of the studio room. Drums could be put into the Live acoustic zone, which would make it sound full and would provide a perfect atmosphere for the drummer. Guitar and bass guitar combi-systems are pointed to the sound-absorbing walls, which makes the unwanted directions to other instruments’ microphones minimal. The vocalist is in the corner with dead acoustics, turned with his face to other musicians of the band, while his microphone is pointed into the corner of the sound-absorbing wall.

Of course, live acoustic zone could be useful for various acoustic projects, for example, drums recording, percussion recording, acoustic guitars, saxophones, flutes etc. Thanks to our unique acoustic studio properties, we can achieve a perfect result.

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