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Vocal recording, acoustic and wind instruments recording

Our professionals at “DoMinanta” recording studio will be glad to record your needed vocals. It’s not a problem if you are not a real professional with perfect singing skills or you just want to try yourself out and do a song for fun. The modern technologies give us the ability to achieve a great result anyway. What’s really important is your optimistic approach and desire to sing.

Vocal recording is being done in the most isolated place in the studio (Dead Zone), where there are no echoes, so the vocal recording is as natural as it can be. Later on, the vocal recording is processed with effects, compressors and then is mixed with the phonogram.

Also, you can record your instrument in the highest quality possible – no matter if it is a violin, a trumpet, a saxophone, a harp and so on. The acoustic environment of the studio can be easily manipulated to get the best recording results. We can also arrange a high-quality electric piano Roland FP4, which can be used for several tasks and occasions. If you want another accompanying instrument, we will take care of that also, as we can rent different instruments and provide acoustic grand pianos for your serious music projects.

Arfos įrašymas garso įrašų studijoje "Dominanta"

Harp recording in “DoMinanta” record studio


Kontraboso įrašymas garso įrašų studijoje "Dominanta"

Contrabass recording in “Dominanta” record studio


Akustinių instrumentų įrašymas (Live Zone) garso įrašų studijoje "Dominanta"

Acoustic instruments recording (Live Zone) in “DoMinanta” recording studio