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Audio restoration

If you have an old vinyl and you’d like to hear the music clearly as it was a newly-purchased record, you should definitely ask us for help. We can mp3 restore the record’s brilliance and even make the sound better than it was originally. To add, we can improve and mp3 restore your files to a high-quality .wav file and restore lost frequencies and harmony. In that way, your music file will sound perfectly again! So, all you need to do is send us your mp3s, bring us your old tapes and vinyls – we’ll make them sound as good as it can be. Mp3 restore will be done quickly and with highest quality. Also, now you can use our new YouTube to Mp3 converter or YouTube to Wav converter service, which will help you rip the highest quality songs and audio files from YouTube – or YouTube to Wav converter doesn’t compress sound – it gives the highest sound quality available.

Įrašų restauracija studijoje "Dominanta"

Audio restoration in “Dominanta” recording studio


Garso įrašų restauracija studijoje "Dominanta"

MP3 restore and audio restoration in “DoMinanta” recording studio